Sosh Big Air

October, 6th & 7th 2017

“You have to know how to aim for the place of the Romans to land on the Pâquier. “

This is what the organizers of the Sosh Big Air had in mind whispering below but dreming aloud. So yes, for this 2017 edition, under the sign of the dream, the Sosh Big Air will stick on the mythical Pâquier on the shore of Lake Annecy! On October 6th and 7th, the best skiers, skiers women and snowboarders will launch themselves on this ephemeral ski slope before flying over the swans and the public. The Sosh Big Air gathered together Olympic champions, multiple winners of the X Games, freeski legends, making the show on a 42 meter high structure. It is not every day that such an event occurs in Annecy so we are strongly invited you to come and watch this unique event unique.

Especially this year and for the last time at the High Five Festival, the Sosh Big Air will be part of the party. A deliberate choice of the organizers to evolve in the future of the High Five without the Big Air. Last March, they gathered to think about the evolution of the festival and so, in 2018, the High Five will evolve by proposing new experiences to its festival-goers. The High Five 2017 thus offers its edition of dream but does not count to rest on its laurels. Please note 2018 on your agenda, as the High Five Festival will continue to amaze you. Let’s just say, this 2017 edition of the Sosh Big Air is not to be missed!

The SOSH BIG AIR program

At the Sosh Big Air, the qualifying is not something to put in the side and besides the 2016 edition had already proved that the show starts from those. Because, yes, the Sosh Big Air is a real competition very competed and through the qualifications, 5 skiers can access the final stages and join the world guest elite. We advise you not to miss the qualifications that will take place on Friday from 16h to 18h45 because the list of riders who will compete will make your head spin. 9 nations represented with big names of the international scene who dream on going into the final table like the Finnish Antti Ollila, the Swiss Elias Ambuhl, the young Norwegian rookie Birk Ruud, the Swedish Oscar Wester or the American Aaron Blunk. On the French side, there are several who can claim it to : Quentin Ladame, Gaetan Carlier, Ben Buratti or even Jeremy Pancras.

The Replay

Ski Men Final

Ski Men Qualification

Ski Women – Best Tricks

Snowboard Men – Best Tricks

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Registration for the Big Air fan zone are now closed ( closest area at the bottom of the landing). Tickets are sold-out. Don’t worry, The Pâquier is huge and there is plently of room to watch the show from. The view is still gonna be fantastic.

For people older than 65 yo, children under 8 yo and people with reduced mobility, there is a 700 seats grandstand. Spectators can come and sit accompanied with one more person. For people in wheelchair, there will be a special area, at the bottom of the landing zone, on the left of the Big Air.

If you’re trying to go to the brands’ village at Le Haras, we got you covered and free tickets will be delivered directly on site.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Organization,

Billetterie Weezevent

For your safety, this year there is something new. It is therefore important to follow this to the letter to take advantage of the village, animations and The Sosh Big Air. Access is free and open to all. The only thing to do is to register online to retrieve your access ticket. We repeat it, it’s free, it takes 5 min and after either you print your ticket or you use your place in e-ticket by presenting your phone at the entrance. All major events are like this now, and as the Sosh Big Air is a big event, and your safety is paramount, we have set up this system. If you register online, it will be smooth and easy. You can of course do it in the last minute on D-Day or 3 weeks before, that’s when you want. The whole thing is to do it, because without it, no access to the village, to the animations … It is the same principle for Sosh Big Air to have access to the fan zone near the ramp.

Riders – Close look at the Invitational

The Sosh Big Air is an eclectic platform composed of riders from different freestyle horizons – big air, slopestyle, halfpipe – but above all an exceptional roster. Whether they are Olympic champions, world champions or X Games medalists, all of these skiers have shaped the history of freestyle skiing with their style, technique and creativity. However, only Sosh Big Air gives them the opportunity to compete in the same battle … Hence the fact that they have, for the second consecutive year, responded to the invitation. (Kelly Sildaru, the Estonian prodigy of freestyle skiing will be in Annecy for the event but she wishes to preserve herself for the next 2018 Olympic Winter Games. She will be on the side of the spectators and no doubt she will dissect each fact and gesture of the girls in competition.)

We offer to help you get more familiar with the competitors. Please read with the utmost attention. After that, athletes won’t have any secrets left. It should help you better appreciate the competition and help you make your own prognosis.


McRae Williams

McRae Williams

USA - 27 years

“A cool skier, who can win cool”
“ Unshakable, McRae knows how to handle pressure like no one”

McRae is a discreet man. The kind of skier who doesn’t make a wave, but once on the skis, becomes the center of attention. He’s also the one who surprised everyone by winning X Games in 2013. McRae is an American with English peacefulness and an Irish ginger mustache. But don’t be deceived by this soft and calm character, McRae is a competitor. At age 26, McRae stomped landings, his regularity and his seriousness scare the rest of the field. It’s his first participation in the Sosh Big Air and he will not play small.


Silver medalist at Slopestyle in Aspen 2017 X-Games
Slopestyle World Champion in Sierra Nevada in 2017
Gold medalist in Slopestyle at X Games Europe 2013
Second World Cup Slopestyle Park 2016
Teal Harle

Teal Harle

Canada - 21 years

“He represents the youngsters of tomorrow”
“For his first time at Sosh Big Air, he’s able to do an hold-up”

You don’t know much about Teal yet, but he represents the future of freestyle skiing. He‘s 21 years old with a promising future. He has results under his belt. The last two years, his released great edits including tricks he is the only one doing such as his double cork 9. Member of the Canadian team and trained by JF Cusson, Teal is in good hands. Last winter, he won his first World Cup in Saint Moritz and his consistency will surely push him towards other podiums. Creativity, originality, this reserved but smiling skier, releases a real energy on his skis. His first participation in the Sosh Big Air will probably surprise more than one.


1st in Slopestyle World Cup in Silvaplana 2017
4th of the Big Air World Cup in Quebec city 2017
5th of the Big Air World Cup in Milan 2016
Tom Wallisch

Tom Wallisch

USA - 31 years

“Being a natural, Tom is a must-follow skier” 

Tom is a legend. He represents freeskiing. Discovered through the Level 1 video contest “Superunknown”, M. Wallish made a name for himself and wrote history. A nice story including multiple X Games medals, video parts with soundtracks that still resonate, banger tricks, the world record of the longest ski jib. Nowadays, Tom runs his own ski production “Good Company”. On top of presenting his new flick at High Five, Tom is going to ski the Big Air. The man hasn’t competed in Big Air for a long time but he is definitely one skier that can clinch the win.


Slopestyle Skiing World Champion in Voss-Myrkdalen in 2013
Winner of Mammoth World Cup in 2012
2012 X Games Aspen Gold Medalist (Slopestyle)
2012 Slopestyle World leader (AFP) 
2010 X Games Europe Gold Medalist (Slopestyle)
Alex Hall

Alex Hall

USA - 19 years

« With Alex it’s go big or go home »
« He can win and he will try his best »

We’ve been hearing Alex Hall name a lot lately.  Indeed he has the same last name as Skiboss but they are not related. He’s Swiss-American, two nations producing some of the most talented freeskier lately. As a technical skier, he’s able to realize almost the entire range of tricks, he’s also a creator, always pushing the limits of his body and the physics, on the rails and the kickers. Alex is fairly new to the he owes his success to the respect of his peers as well as the edit his put out lately more than to his results. A real modern skier, a real self-made-man, a real dreamer as we love them. He landed on the podium last year after going through qualification. No surprise that he is on our guest list this time.


9th Slopestyle world championships in Sierra Nevada 2017
4th Slopestyle World Cup in Font Romeu in 2017
3rd Sosh Big Air in Annecy in 2017
Andri Ragettli

Andri Ragettli

Switzerland - 20 years

“ The man for the job ! ”
« With Andri, it’s triple or nothing. » 

One day Andri grew 20 centimeters in height in one season therefore he decided to play in the big yard. He’s “the man to look up to” of the new Swiss generation. He is the technical skier of the team capable of throwing and stomping triple corks in both directions. He’s also the first skier in the world to ever land a quadruple Cork 1800. It means he rotated 5 times and threw his head down and over four times at only 18 years old. In other words, he is a favorite and if you know Swiss for their precision and rigor, you must know that it is true in the freeskiing scene. They also have a sense of show, so scream “Hopp Andri” if you want to see him exceed.


3rd Big Air World Cup in Quebec City 2017
1st World Cup of Slopestyle in Silvaplana 2016
2nd Big Air World Cup in Boston 2016
6th Slopestyle at the X Games in Aspen 2016
2nd World Cup Slopestyle in Silvaplana 2015
Antoine Adélisse

Antoine Adélisse

France - 22 years

“Antoine wants to play the French anthem on the Paquier”
“A competitor mind in a freestyler body”

Antoine returns from an injury and he’ll start his season in Annecy. He’s certainly the best slopestyle and big air skier in France at the moment. His 2nd place result in the Big Air World Cup in Norway is proof. Leader of the French slopestyle team, he has one thing in mind: the 2018 Olympics. In other words, he will not feel pressured in Annecy and that’s precisely what makes him a serious contender. The crowed will most likely cheer him on. It will give him wings plus he missed last year so he’ll want to make up for it.


2nd Big Air World Cup in Myrkdalen-Voss 2017
5th Slopestyle World Cup in Sierra Nevada 2017
7th Big Air World Cup in Quebec City 2017
1st Slopestyle European Cup in Stubai 2016
Fabian Bösch

Fabian Bösch

Switzerland - 21 years

“We can count on him for a big show”
“Double objective for Fabian: Win over the public and the contest”

Switzerland is rich in freestyle skiers and Fabien Bosch is on the right way to pay taxes based on his fortune. You can bet on this young rider, he has what it takes to win the Sosh Big Air. Last year,he seduced the public and had fun playing with it. Dressed in a fluorescent jacket, he had definitely not gone unnoticed especially for the judges who gave him the silver medal. Fabian, like any good member of the Swiss team, masters double and triple corks and a bunch of stylish and technical tricks. Slopestyle world champion in 2016, his favorite field is the Big Air. Coming back from injury, he will be in his element in Annecy. As you’ve heard, the kid is cool and always smiling, ready to throw a double backflip to please the public, like the 20-years-old show man he is. With him, the big air is fun, it’s beautiful, it’s Bosch. No jokes, the new format of the event seems to have been created for him. Let’s see how he does.


Gold medalist in Big Air at the X-Games of Aspen 2016
Silver Medalist in Big Air at the X-Games in Oslo 2016
Slopestyle World Champion 2015
3rd Slopestyle World Cup in Gstaad 2014
Henrik Harlaut

Henrik Harlaut

Sweden - 27 years

“Back to back win in the line of sight”
“Clearly he’s the man to beat: the Serial Skier »

Last year champ, Henrik was the spectators’ favorite skier. He has no intention to let it vanish. Hard to do an intro without using too many hyperboles. Because yes, this skier is super strong, incredibly creative, terribly stylish and damn gifted … Henrik, or E-Dollo, is a true ski lover. A guy who can tell you what trick is on the screen by listening to the soundtrack. Never tired, never bored.

Henrik always leaves his mark when competing at X Games. He’s also competed at many city big airs. He’s actually won 8 including Sosh Big Air 2016. This Swedish skier is one of the most charismatic and talented athlete in freestyle skiing history. His inimitable style represents his one-of-a-kind personality, his original video parts and his unique bag of tricks make him one of the most exciting skiers in the world. A skier close to his fans, always ready to discuss, to exchange and to please them. Keep an eye out for him in Annecy and at the Olympic Games because he’s a favorite in slopestyle skiing.


Big Air Gold medalist at the X-Games Oslo 2017
Silver medalist in the Big at X Games Aspen 2017
2nd Big Air World Cup in Quebec city 2017
Gold medalist in Big Air at X-Games Oslo 2016
Gold medalist in Big Air at X-Games Aspen 2014
Gold medalist in Big Air at X-Games Aspen 2013
Luca Schüller

Luca Schüller

Switzerland - 20 years

“With Luca it’s go BIG or go home”
«The sense of show, the skills of a showman»

Wild card of the Swiss team, this little guy is unpredictable. He invented the triple cork 1080. A figure that very few skiers master. Plus, Luca is the only one who has landed it at a city big air. He won in Zurich with it. For a few seasons, he has been landing on podiums. He has all the cards in hand to do a hold-up at Sosh Big Air in Annecy. Last year at the competition, Luca made sensation. He dropped for his last run knowing he only needed one trick to secure his spot on the podium. He did a double backflip to please the crowd. When asked why he didn’t go for a trick that will score and put him on the podium, his reply was: “it’s all about fun and pleasing the crowd”.


2nd Big Air World Cup in Moenchengladbach 2016
3th Slopestyle World Cup in Silvaplana 2015
Winner of the Nine Knights Big Air 2015
Winner of the Big Air at Zurich 2014
Torin Yater-Wallace

Torin Yater-Wallace

USA - 22 years

“A showman who loves competition and vice versa”
“Torin in Annecy you can’t beat that.

Difficult to ignore the phenomenon “Torin Yater-Wallace” when we talk about freesking! Indeed, Torin became the youngest medalist in the history of the Winter X Games in Aspen in 2011, winning the silver medal in Superpipe. The same year he won bronze at X Games in Tignes. Fast forward to 2017, he took second place in the pre-Olympics event in Korea and is a favorite for next year’s games. In some ways, Torin is the teenager you wanted to be or regret not being. Highly gifted in Halfpipe, he knows how to express himself on a jump. His 4th place last year is probably still haunting him. It won’t surprise us if he finishes in the top 3 



2nd World Cup of Halfpipe in Phoenix Pyeongchang 2017
Winner of the Halfpipe World Cup at Mammoth Mountain Resort 2017
Halfpipe Gold medalist at the X Games Oslo 2016
Halfpipe winner of the Dew Tour Halfpipe 2015
Halfpipe Gold medalist at X Games Europe 2013
Winner of Best Overall at B & E Invitational 2014
Jesper Tjader

Jesper Tjader

Sweden - 24 years

“Jesper wants to make the public clap”
“The best trick format should make him feel comfortable”

Competitor since he was 12, he is a very technical skier. Jesper is an acrobat. He never goes unnoticed. He’s one of few skiers that clean their brand image. He does it well. Hyper active on social networks, he always publishes viral videos. His flaws, he is inconsistent but this won’t play against him in a best trick format competition. A double backflip is only a formality for him. If he’s on a good mood, he’ll entertain the crowd and that should be a lot of fun.


2nd World Cup Slopestyle at Font Romeu 2017
2nd Big Air - One Hit Wonder 2015
4th World Cup Slopestyle Corvatsch 2015
Big Air World Champion AFP 2014
2nd at Big Jon Olsson Invitational 2014

Ski Women

Coline Ballet-Baz

Coline Ballet-Baz

France - 26 years

“Coco Rico”
“She’ll charm you and you won’t recover from it”

For Coline competitions are no big deal. However, Coline in a snowpark is no joke. She can do everything, you can see her on a slopestyle course, hit a big air or slide urban rails. Member of the French Slopestyle team, she’ll take the start of Sosh Big Air with a huge and contagious smile. How not to be surprised when this young fearless smart brunette who graduated of political sciences throws double rotations while grabbing her skis then casually stomps her landing? Coco, when she falls, she gets up, when she misses, she starts again. She is a fighter, when she’s beaten, she holds the other cheek. Well, we exaggerate, but without being a saint, this skier is incredibly generous. There’s no doubt that she’ll deliver in front of the public who by the end will easily yell: Coco!


2nd Slopestyle World Cup at Seiser Alm 2017
5th  Slopestyle World Cup in Québec City 2017
2nd Slopestyle World Cup in Silvaplana 2017
1st Slopestyle European Cup in Stubai 2016
Tess Ledeux

Tess Ledeux

France - 16 years

“Tess is a favorite, if you’re not vouching for her yet then wait until you see her”
“Young & Ambitious”

Just look at Tess’s accomplishments in 2017 she wins almost everything she enters whereas the year before she did not compete.. Tess grew so fast, climbed so high and became so strong it seems the Olympics motto has been invented for her. If the term freeskiing sounds Chinese to you, here is some Latin “hendiatris Citius, Altius, Fortius”?

Kevin Rolland’s little cousin is not so little and she is one of the favorite. Tess is also a skier without compromise and in competition, it’s “Go Big or Go Home”. But she didn’t plan to stay at home, so be prepare to chant her name because she likes to have the crowd with her.


Silver medalist in Slopestyle at Aspen X Games 2017
1st Slopestyle World Cup in Font Romeu 2017
Slopestyle World Champion in Sierra Nevada 2017
4th Slopestyle World Cup in Québec City 2017
Sarah Hoefflin

Sarah Hoefflin

Switzerland - 27 years

“She is not aiming for a chocolate medal”
“Sarah, can and wants to win”

The French-speaking Swiss resident of Geneva, became internationally known since her lound entrance two years ago. Today she’s part of this small group of female freeskier. This winter, she often took a seat on the stand thanks to being consistent, but especially thanks to her stylish riding. Rather calm and quiet, you’ll have to make as much noise as possible to make her explode of enthusiasm during the “Public Choice Award”. Geneva is not far away, if she come with her fan club, she might not leave with a chocolate medal.



4th Slopestyle World Championships in Sierra Nevada 2017
7th Big Air World Cup in Milan 2017
2nd Slopestyle World Cup in Québec City 2017
1st Slopestyle World Cup at Seiser Alm 2017
Jennie Lee Burmansson

Jennie Lee Burmansson

Sweden - 16 years

“2017 is her year and we are in 2017”
“A real genius”

This young Swedish was born in 2002, the euro currency had just appear in the European countries that she would visit many years later to put crowns on her head. She began skiing at 2 years old at home in Sälen and quickly falls in love with it. She goes through alpine skiing before doing freestyle at age 8.

At 15, Jennie is the new Swedish generation, skiing in the footsteps of Emma Dahlstrom and aside of Kelly Sildaru, few months older. Winter 2017 was a good one for Jennie. The confidence should be on her side. Very shy, your encouragement will be well received by the one who embodies the renewal of female freeskiing.



Silver Junior World Slopestyle Championships in Chiesa in Valmalenco 2017
1st Slopestyle FIS in Tandaadalen 2017
1st FIS Slopestyle in Skellefteaa 2017
1st FIS Slopestyle in Klaeppen  2017
1st Slopestyle European Cup in St Anton 2017
Giulia Tanno

Giulia Tanno

Switzerland - 20 years

“Giulia, yes she can”
“In a best trick comp, she can do some damage”

After landing their man athletes on all podiums around the world, the Swiss Freeski Team decided to do the same with their female team. It’s been successful. Giulia represents the new school. At 18 years old she has technical tricks up to 1080. At the top for the last three years, she was on the podium in Aspen at X Games and she is a favorite for the Olympics. Relaxed, fun and always ready to laugh, with Coco Ballet Baz, she will be able to offer you a beautiful show by taking part in the competition at Sosh Big Air


Bronze medalist in Big Air at the X Games of Aspen 2017
3rd Slopestyle World Cup in Québec City 2017
2nd Big Air World Cup in Quebec city 2017
2nd Big Air World Cup in El Colorado 2016
7th Slopestyle World Championships in Kreischberg 2015
Lou Barin

Lou Barin

France - 19 years

You will shout “Ho Lou”!

Lou is the next generation. A player that guarantees freestyle skiing has good days ahead. Indeed, before you were able to count French female freeskier on one hand. For a long time, Marie Martinod was almost the only ambassador of new school skiing. You only need to take a look at the start list of Sosh Big Air to realize France is well represented in Annecy with Tess, Coline and Lou. If you don’t know Lou yet, she had great results in competition. Her record shows that she is a contender at the Olympics. She won a silver medal at the youth Olympics games. The last two seasons she’s shown a major progression. We believe Lou native of Val Thorens has a great future. Her return to school took place in Saas Fee terrain park . Lou is logging hours to put all the chances on her side.


Slopestyle France Champion in Font Romeu - 2017
1st Slopestyle French Cup in Valloire - 2017
Silver medalist at the Young Olympics Games in Hafjell - 2016
2nd Slopestyle European Cup in Stubai (AUT) – 2016


Halldór Helgason

Halldór Helgason

Island - 27 years

« Hot Stuff »
« he plans to steal the skier’s show»

Halldor taking part in the Sosh Big Air it’s icing on the cake. Is it an overstatement if we say that it’s nourishing to watch him snowboard. Understand that is la crème de la crème of snowboarding. It’s some kind of the chef! No joke, this Icelandic with the blond mustache looks like our Asterix from the Big North. He imposes his own style for years in creative video parts. In 2017, he won the very respected “Stand Out” award at the Snowboarder Magazine Superpark Session 21. Amazing urban and park athlete, he usually stays far from the standard competitions and it is with an immense pleasure that we welcome him in Annecy, especially as he’ll present the new Transworld movie where he plays the lead role. The competition, is not his focus. On the other hand, making a good show and having fun is important. That’s great as it is also the organizers goal. Believe us, you’re going to love CAPTAIN HAROLD!


27th in Slopestyle world cup at Copper Mountain 2013
Gold medal in the X Games Big Air Aspen in 2010
Kevin Backstrom

Kevin Backstrom

Sweden - 26 years

« Keviiiiiiin »
« The purists will love him ! »

Kevin was a competitor until he was fired from the Swedish national team. He had too much fun in a club and didn’t apologize for it. As a result, he became a rock star in Sweden. He is a representative of the core snowboarding culture. Take a look at his social network and you’ll understand. Style and creativity, two words, two concepts that make the world of snowboarding. With his sidekick Tor Lundstrom, he spends his winter producing a web serie named Beyond the Medals “MDLSxBYND”, which advocates the freedom to think and live according to its own values, away from codes and obligations. A vision that he brings back to the big screen in the new Transworld movie: “Arcadia”. He will present in Annecy. Do not expect flips from him, but “slowmotion” rotations. At Sosh Big Air, he is solo and you’ll have to support him, be vigilant, you don’t know what you are getting into!


4th Big Air World Cup at Stockholm 2011
5th Big Air World Cup at Stockholm 2010
4th Big Air Europa Cup at Graz 2008
Seb Konijnenberg

Seb Konijnenberg

France - 21 years

« One of the few that represents France in the cool world of snowboarding »
« In Annecy, Seb is playing at home »

Don’t beat around the bush, Seb has an unpronounceable name that he holds from his Dutch father. He is a member of the French national team for the next Olympic Games. With a triple Cork 14 in the pocket, Seb “konaille-nan-bergue” can create the surprise at Sosh Big Air. Originally from Risoul in the Southern French Alps, the boy is a joker. Practice shouting his name, you will need it on Friday in the snowboard final.


13the Big Air World Cup at Québec City 2017
21ste Slopestyle World Cup at Seiser Alm 2017
5the Big Air World Cup at Québec City 2016
12the Slopestyle World Cup at Stoneham 2015
Arthur Longo

Arthur Longo

France - 30 years

« Arthur don’t play for the win, Arthur plays.  »
« Smile Arthur is on course »

Arthur is the king. And yet, he has a little prince face and seeing him snowboarding is mesmerizing. Arthur is just very strong. Discovered at a very young age, he made his way among the world top snowboarders. Even though, he doesn’t like the competition, he’s won a world cup and a silver medal at X Games. He distinguishes himself in banked slalom and through his video parts. Today he focuses on video projects by allowing himself some extra such as hitting the XXL jump at Sosh Big Air. Thanks to him snowboarding was officially added into the Sosh Big Air program.


Silver medal X Games Superpipe at Tignes 2013
11th X Games Superpipe at Aspen 2015
4th Halfpipe world cup at Copper Mountain 2013
17th Halfpipe olympic games at Sotchi 2014
1st e Halfpipe world cup at Calgary 2010
Sebbe De Buck

Sebbe De Buck

Belgium - 23 years

« Sebbe can win more than once »
«A young rider constantly progressing»

It’s no joke, Belgians are good at snowboarding. After Seppe Smith, it’s the turn of Sebb De Buck who demonstrates that he’s an international rider. Naturally casual, this Belgian snowboarder had to take his inspiration from the Manneken Piss, legendary statue in Brussels. For the past two years he has been on the international stage, traveling in a galaxy of tricks which are all more stylish than others. He proves it by being crown at Nine Knights at his first participation. Tight white shirt, wet hair, curls to the wind, Sebbe has his own style. If he likes shredding and hanging out with his buddies, you’ll like watching him clear the. 2 seconds of bliss for him, two seconds of visual happiness for you.


4the slopestyle world championship at Sierra Nevada 2017
3rde slopestyle world cup at Seiser Alm 2017
4the slopestyle world cup at Stoneham 2015
13the big Air world championship at Kreischberg 2015
Victor Daviet

Victor Daviet

France - 28 years

« If there’s one who comes for the show, it’s him»
« Recently moved to Annecy, he plays now at home, cheer him up»

At age of 27, Victor Daviet is one of the few Frenchies living the American dream. Victor moved from terrain park to BackCountry and from the BC to the freeriding leaving the competition behind him. Sosh Big Air is the exception. He lives in Annecy’s old town and shares his life between school and the highest peaks. He is part of a crew name “À Branler” meaning “don’t give a damn” that gives you a sense of who he is. Victor has a part in the new Transworld movie, he will be at the premiere alongside the other Victor and Kevin.


2nde Slopestyle French championship at Vars 2009
3rde Halfpipe FIS Race at Valloire 2009
Slopestyle French champion in Le Grand Bornand 2008
Roope Tonteri

Roope Tonteri

Finland - 26 years

« At the end there’s no photo finish, Roope is just too good. »
« Several times world champion, no doubts that HE is the champion »

Finland, a land of endless forests and lakes, has been producing introverted human beings, but also talented snowboarders. Roope is part of them, with his “Finnish” personality and natural ease on snow. He started snowboarding in his hometown build a ramp in his garden behind the house. So be sure, if Roope doesn’t say much, he knows how to express himself with his board. He has enough to silence his opponents, show him your support.


Big Air world champion at Kreischberg 2015
Silver medal in the Slopestyle world championship at Kreischberg 2015
Slopestyle World champion at Stoneham 2013
Big Air World champion at Stoneham 2013
Torgeir Bergrem

Torgeir Bergrem

Norvège - 26 years

« he’s going to make us tipsy »
« A Viking who likes to win? »

Torgeir is one of the most consistent Norwegian snowboarder. His results at X Games in Oslo, one of the biggest events of the season, proved it. He is a real trick machine with a clean and pleasant style to watch. He started snowboarding in 2000, competing in 2004 and in 2013 he was all over the internet due to an insade Backside Triple Cork 1260 he landed. No need to explain the trick to understand that a lot of rotations are needed. In 2017, Torgeir, guitar addict, will be competing in Annecy, at Sosh Big Air for the win. Let’s rock!


Bronze medal in the X Games Big Air at Oslo in 2017
4th in the X Games slopestyle at Oslo in 2017
6th in the general rank of the World cup Big Air 2014



1st – Elias Syrjä
2nd – Torin Yater-Wallace
3rd – Luca Schuler

WOO Freeski Air Time : Axel Le Palabe

Public Choice Award : Antoine Adelisse



1er – Tess Ledeux
2ème – Giulia Tanno
3ème – Coline Ballet-Baz

Public Choice Award : Sarah Hoefflin



1st – Halldór Helgason
2nd – Roope Tonteri
3rd – Sébastien Konijnenberg








Our actions

Global warming and pollution threaten us every day and we must protect our planet. Therefore Sosh and the organizers, through a document published in collaboration with the Mountain Riders Association, undertake to do everything possible to produce an event that is eco-responsible and as environmentally friendly as possible. The Carbon impact of the event based on the experience of the previous edition will also be offseted by a donation to a certified association. A big event involves great responsibilities and the organizing committee want Sosh Big Air as well as the High Five Festival to remain a dream and not to constitute part of the problem. Download the documentation : HERE


Coming to Annecy

Annecy, its lake, its water that cradles, its “secret spots” where we like to go to go for a dip, its swans that you meet on the way, its green spaces where you nod off, its mountains where you can see the city awakening early in the morning, the majestic stretch of water that you bike around, the streams that crisscross the city, the narrow streets you walk, the air that you take every time you go out … Annecy makes you want to make long sentences and leaves a dream point … If you do not know the city yet, expect to fall in love with it!

Coming by car to Annecy, it is easy. We recommend you carpool to cut the cost of parking and your carbon footprint. If you come by car, you have to be patient. Finding space is tricky. Do not look for parking in the city center. You can park in the Courier mall parking structure knowing 6.5 hours might cost you 7euros. We have listed various parking in Annecy. We suggest you park on the outskirt of Annecy for instance Seynod or Cran Gevrier. Then use public transportation(SIBRA). The bus is very convenient. The bus stops near the manifestation are called “Galbert”, “Capuchins” or ” “Courier”.

Download the parking plan: HERE


Coming by bus can prove to be the most economical solution and even the most convenient idea because you will not have to worry about finding a parking space. OUIBUS offers different packages with departure from many French cities. Frankly, compare to the TGV price, it’s undoubtedly cheaper. This is not an ad but just some tips to save you time and money


You can also come by train, especially since the cinema is a stone’s throw from Annecy train station and you will not need your car on site nor to attend the parties. The best way to get around Annecy is by feet. Nothing could be more enjoyable than walking around the city. All amenities are within walking. If you do not stay in the heart of the city, city transportation is easy and convenient.

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All Schuss

Sosh, it is not only a name given to a structure. Sosh is a brand highly involved in the action sports world. For more than 5 years, Sosh has been consulting with the public and its community in France, through fairs, meet-up and events. The brand offers innovative digital devices and cool activations that match the spirit of the brand and give visitors the ability to instantly share their photos and videos on social networks.

In Annecy, from October 6th to 8th, the four-letter brand will do free activation at Sosh Big Air and the High Five Festival. In both villages, Sosh will offer free animations to festival-goers such as a photo contest or rider quiz with many prizes to win: smartphones, one year plan for free and more. During the Big Air competition thanks to its technical partner: Woosport, Sosh analyzes the athlete performances and will deliver live data to general public and pros. A good news never arrives solo. Sosh is bringing a goodie customization station so that all enthusiasts leave with an unforgettable memory of Sosh Big Air. A printer will be onsite to print Instagram photos. A big screen will feature the best post from spectators.

Bref, we love when Sosh « pashe » par là !


Organization Contact

Behind Sosh Big Air, we find two agencies to which we owe the concept and organization of the High Five Festival which is held in Annecy on the same dates.

Gaylord Pedretti :
Rafael Regazzoni :
Aïssam Dabbaoui :

Like That
Creator and organizer of numerous events since 2008, the trademark “made in Like That” labels many of the meetings considered by the press as “major and creative”. Among them, Kumi Yama, The Reels (in co-production), iF3 Europe, Vars Tournament, Rock On Snowboard Tour and the High Five festival. The agency has many strings to its bow and accompanies in “consulting” and “story telling”, brands and stations via its cell “laboratory”.

BUG The Conspiracy
Born from the association of 3 personalities, BUG converges the visions of Rafael Regazzoni, Gaylord Pedretti & Aissam Dabbaoui. What they do is BIG, but they sign it under BUG. “A Team” was already taken so they opted for BUG related to another movie: “The Bad, The Ugly And The Good”. “We are all Good, Ugly and / or Bad for someone … The whole thing is not to do like everyone else”. It announces great projects in the making such as Sosh Big Air of which they are at the head. They have the shoulders and a real background to develop their ambitions internationally. A conspiracy that works for the good of “action sports” by intervening in the conception of events as well as the management of athletes.


187 COM Agency

Elodie Lavesvre & Emilie Germain / +33 1 84 16 83 93

You would like to be accredited to cover the event ? Please contact Emilie Germain


Press releases, photos & TV’s rushs available for download on this page October 6th, 7th and 8th at the end of the competition.